The Secret Of Lucifer

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This video is pretty informative…I will say it’s pretty accurate but it’s for the open-minded. I will add my two cents, in my previous post I was talking about fallen angels. It’s CHRISTIAN belief that the angels fell under LuCIFER’s lead..HOWEVER, this is only belief (no scripture)

According to the book of ENOCH …the angel Samyaza is the leader of the Nephilim.

Also, Lucifer is equated to Venus, the morning star; a goddess. Venus is know by many names, Ishtar, Inanna, Hectate, Diana, Astarte. She is known as the Queen of Heaven. (what other queen of heaven’s do we have still?) hmmm.
[picapp src=”0071/5a8280a1-b0f2-4352-b806-994609285b82.jpg” width=”337″ height=”506″ /]

Question: How Can you have a Father God and a Son…without a Mother?

OH yeah…Satan is not a NAME…it’s more of a title. Lucifer is a title too…HELEL is the angel known as the shiny one and seems to be synonymous with characteristics of the Goddess’s named above.

The Church demonized the goddess because it threatened their agenda…

WAIT! WHAT AGENDA? Well that’s another blog…

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