Summer HEAT!

PhotobucketWelp. I’ve been in Texas for almost 6 months now and let’s review:
When I got here in February it was snowing, practically a blizzard. Well to me it was be that I had flew in from California. Then there was the challenge of finding a new job and finding a new place to live (I was staying with my mother and that wasn’t quite my cup of tea). So worked as my brother’s attendant (he’s disabled). After a month of so of that, and the natural drama he attracted into his life thereof I managed to find my own place but now I’m looking for a real job still. Now I HAVE started working with this company called CLEAR but thats contract work.Photobucket I basically sell internet and cable service for real affordable prices here in Dallas. It’s cool, I just started–we’ll see. Romantically, as quickly as I got in a relationship, I ended it. Which is okay, we live, we love, we learn.Photobucket
Now, as I sit at my computer on the verge of a new month where I have no idea how I’m gonna get enough money to survive, I’m somewhat deliriously optimistic.Photobucket
I mean, really, I’ve had a LOT of adventures.
I survived driving through the desert to Los Angeles by drivingdesert
I survived getting jumped when I got there.jumped
I survived the crazy roommates.
I survived being in a homeless situationnight
I survived the relationships that didn’t work there
I survived getting back to Texas…. and well you know the rest of the story thus far.

And deep down when I think about, as crazy as my life may seem, all I want is some type of stability;

  • a career that lasts (that allows me to be creative) ,
  • someone to love,
  • a legacy to leave behind when it’s all done.

When do you stop surviving and start LIVING? That’s my question. Right now my life feels like a really bad country song ( oh yeah my dog died too ) …I’m just …
so ready

so ready

so ready

for something good to begin. hope

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