There is DIVINE POWER in Lonliness

Some people hate to be lonely.

aloneThey actually resist it and try to surround themselves with other people only to find that act of being around people does not make loneliness go away. In time people can sometimes allow that loneliness to depress them.

But let me offer you a different perspective .

Loneliness is divine because …the Creator in itself is alone. By expressing the duality in itself and duplicating that into creation do we have what we now see as “reality”. The creation, nature, and even our our bodies are mere variations of the Source manifesting life in variation to understand …the self.

mind-body-masteryBut the only truth is…. The Source and beginning of every thing… is all one or alone. When you feel that… you feel what it means TO BE. You feel what “god” feels. So versus rejecting that feeling, embrace it and express it. Create something. Embrace the power of being ALL-ONE. You can’t help it …if you sit alone long enough your mind will create things on it’s own. It will create dream sequences and people, and stories, and landscapes. The point (or meaning ) is … can you consciously do what you subconsciously know how to do already?

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