What is in the Fourth Dimension?

Whatsup guys, I just recently did a video describing some aspects of the fourth dimension awareness … check it out and leave me a comment. đŸ˜‰

2 thoughts on “What is in the Fourth Dimension?

  1. I listened to this on Saturday I found your explanation of the fourth diension really resonated with my experience of it back in 2005. I saw what appeared to be a form of ttatered material appear on the archway of a room I was in. it looked like black coulored crochet I ran my finger through it and it was ethereal it fell away around me and made a chime type noise and turned into what looked like ancient words then I saw it in the room I was standing in there was a different dimension white like clouds knee length and spirit standing quite still in there. I was amazes awestruck I remember saying to my friend who could not see it but could see the look on my face when I said this it this is where they go from here this is the fourth dimension. That was the begining of coming into contact with spirit it became that they could see me as I them they would come closer and look at me . so much from there many expereinces…..


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