How Personal and Universal Numerology Relate

In numerology, you can calculate the general universal number of the day, month, and year. But there is also your personal number. Your personal number can be way different that the general universal energy. The universal energy typically is the energy that is effecting everyone. But personally, you’re expressing things different. So what do you do when the universal energy says “work” but your personal energy is “rest” ?

Learning how to express Your personal numbers

The universe is always speaking to us and giving us instructions. As physicists say, the “language of the universe is math” . It’s not too much different in metaphysics. Numerology tells us a lot about the timing of the our lives. Life is just one big ol’ clock. For example we’re on a universal 3 year 2019 (2+0+1+9=12=broken down 1+2=3). That means, that in general everyone is big on communicating, the mind, and socializing. I’m born on March the 7th so … 3+7= 10 which equals 1. To get my personal year I add that 1 to the 3 to get 4. So my personal year is 4. What that means for me is that all year my mental energy, communicating, and socializing has been focused on my work life, stability, and security. If your personal year was 5(romance and sex) , for example, you may have been heavily dating in 2019 or meeting tons of new people. So while, everyone has the same general energy the focus is different.

You still choose your destiny

Numerology, however, can’t make you focus. It’s the universes way of showing you what your should focus on but you still have the choice to do other things. For instance, if you focus on dating and relationships and it’s not really that type of energy personally for you, you might not be so successful as the person with a personal 6(true love, routine) year. A person with a personal 6 year may be more apt to commit than, let’s say, a person experiencing a personal 9 year (closure, finishing). It’s just the energy. When you’re conscious of it, you can surf the ethereal wave better and not wipe out.

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