Daily Tarot: Trust your Feelings

The moon can do alot of tricking but also makes things react to her mystic light. Shes a mystery but sheds light in the darkness making the dogs howl. On this universal day 4, what’s stirring your emotions? How are you feeling today? What are he hidden things the moon is showing you? Pay attention to that.

The day is about working and is amplified by the universal year 4. Friday is about getting things done. You may need to set something in motion before getting the weekend started. Don’t slack yet. Today isn’t the day.

Daily Tarot: Transform!

Well it’s Thursday. People have been going crazy this week it seems. The death card comes to tell us things are ending. Let’s leave the past in the past and move on to new things. Let’s close that chapter and start something new.

It’s a universal day 3 and that means something is communicated or use the energy to communicate. Vent! Talk about it! Socialize! Don’t hold stuff in! That’s like holding in a fart (just not good for you). Maybe you need to communicate that’s something is done 🤔.

Daily Tarot: Dream and manifest

Been feeling like womp womp today and almost skipped blogging. But I saw this card and felt inspired to share

The seven of cups is about dreaming big and today is a universal day 11 which about manifesting! Sometimes we may get down in the dumps about life and what’s going on but we have to remember…what you think about today…creates tomorrow. Everything starts as the seed of thought.

So…stop and ask yourself.

“What am I creating?”

Take a little time, take a breath and dream of the life you want.

Daily Tarot: Take the Lead

It’s Superbowl Sunday… And a universal day 8. It’s a great day to make some 💰 money!!! Did you place a bet? The Chariot card is about being in control of your day as well…. So it’s a very….very empowering day. How will you use the energy? I kind of imagine Dragonball z and going Super Saiyan …that would be the perfect example of today’s energy.

Daily Tarot: Let’s go on an adventure

The knight of wandt could be another person or just the energy to want to do something today. The knight is coming back from a quest and ready to ride back out. He’s very much in control …. there’s the point. Lots of energy today but remaining in control. It’s a universal day 7 so you may be contemplating what to do with your day… A great day to meditate but….do it outside.

Energy may be everywhere today but always know when to reign it in. Make sure to make time for yourself.

Daily Tarot : Money on the Mind

First thing I did today was check my bank account. Did you get paid? Time to pay rent? Either way the King of pentacles is reminding everyone to take care of business. I know its Friday, but it’s still a business day. It’s also a universal day 9. So you may see the product of some business deal. It’s the day to complete something. It’s the end of the week so get things done and completed today.

Daily #Tarot: Keep up!

Ok kiddos…no lolli-gagging today (that sounds nasty) … anywho I’m serious! Pay attention! 8 of wands is fast energy. Things be moving fast. Communication may be from everywhere. Make your to do list and get it done. Roll with the punches.

Also it’s a universal day 8 . Once again we have some synchronicity here. This is about power, money, and exchange of energy. Embrace that power and move. You had your chance to rest yesterday. Now it’s movement time. Get it!

Daily Tarot : Take a chance

Today is Wednesday and the energy is mixed. The fool wants us to take a chance on something. Start Something new. But it’s a universal day 7 which about contemplating your next move. So maybe some people are waiting to see if they should start something new…. The answer is yes.

Start a new beginning and do something new. It’s ok to plan it out and think on it just don’t waste too much time or an opportunity will pass by.

Daily Tarot: Cheer Up

Are you feeling down in the dumps? Do you have the case of the Mondays. The 3 of swords pops up when we feel sorrow or loss. I know a lot of people have a lot of emotions over the passing of Kobe Bryant. Others are pissed about the Grammys. Whether the sorrow is indirect or direct try to be honest with your feelings.

Today is a universal day 5. The best way to use this energy is to get outside for a bit. Have fun somehow. Find a creative outlet. Take a break and get out your head. Trust me. It will make a world of difference.

Daily Tarot: Start Something New

Hey y’all … It’s a new week and a chance to start a new journey. This page is ready to take the new journey. If you feel like doing something today, take the first steps.

It’s a universal day 4 as well. The energy is about working hard. That coincides with the energy of the year. I would plant the seeds toward something you want to manifest this year. Write down a plan, network with someone important. Use this starter energy.