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The World YOU SEE is an Illusion

I woke up today with a tiny whisper, “Walk by faith, not by sight” . It’s from an old biblical verse from the teachings of Paul. It was old knowledge that we can’t rely on the seen or the known universe to move toward the future. Everything we see wasn’t created by the physical world, but something formed from nothingness.

Faith in this aspect is energy. That energy come from you and you alone. It is an energy in creating a belief. It is hope before the belief (Hebrews 11:2). I’m not trying to be all preachy or anything but simply looking at where we’ve come from to see how much we’ve learned. We may not all believe something because seeing is believing. Believing is science. A hypothesis falls more in line with hope and faith. But before you see it, you have to imagine it.

A simple practice or a test of faith is to find a large field in a park. See that your path is undisturbed (so that you’re not walking into traffic). Close your eyes and walk forward as much as you can before you feel scared. The first few steps may be easy, but with your eyes closed and your body moving you may become unsure or uncertain. Now you’re starting to understand the feeling of walking by faith. Something in you knows you’re okay, that you’re going to be okay, but you just don’t see it. You don’t have to see it for it to be truth. Let that marinate.

It’s sort of like right now, my computer says i’m offline but for some reason I’m still able to write this blog. LOL…(hopefully it will publish… by faith ) Anywhoo… have a great hump day!

What really is the EGO?

If you’re starting on this spiritual journey, you hear a lot of people talk about the ego. Some will say you need to suppress the ego or kill the ego to get spiritual enlightenment. Others say you need to balance out the ego with your higher self. But all in all, a lot of people don’t even know what the ego is

If I could make it as simple as possible the ego is the part of yourself that you’ve created to protect your inner self or that inner child. The ego is always about survival and the self. There’s nothing wrong with that. All in all, I agree there should be a balance between connecting to your all-giving higher self and know what’s just best for you.

But the ego is a very temporal thing.

Its the part of ourselves that we learn the hard lessons from. The ego is like a dream self where when you’re sleeping, you are this certain “person” completely different. When you wake up, that person fades away and realizes that wasn’t “really you” .

The real “you” is the higher self. That higher self is connected to the all and it knows all. The ego is that video game character you decided to use to play “the game” . So in some aspect, you need the ego but you also have to realize that you shouldn’t get too connected to it because it’s not who you really are. You are far greater than that. You control the ego.

Dreaming I Can Fly

Had another flying dream. I’m pretty good at it and I typically fly the same way each time. This time I was walking around my sister’s neighborhood. Lots of nice houses. There was a strict lockdown to ….where no one was allowed to play music . Sounds crazy but in this BRAVE NEW WORLD there’s no telling .

So I was walking around and the police came because they heard music. Then they started chasing me because I was walking in the street. So I started running. When they got close, I jumped on a car, then leaped on a house roof and ran up it. They seemed amazed at how effortlessly I did it . When I got my speed I felt this electric charge and whooop … up in the air. When I fly it’s not super fast but its moderate and it right side up, like Magneto on X-men.

I followed the music and it was coming from some little island resort on the lake. It was a private party. People were congregating and singing. I floated down and no one seemed to notice me. I saw some people I knew and when I walked up they were like “Oh hey…. didn’t see you at first”

I told them I flew over and they were like “Sure…” and I was like , ” I’ll show you…” and I levitated up . But the weird thing is …every time I did, they went into a trance and forgot I did it. Flying was making me literally invisible to their mind or doing something. I couldn’t even record myself because the electronics would disrupt.

I thought to myself that I must be using an electro magnetic field to elevate and propel myself through the air. My EMF was not only disrupting electronics, but was doing something to people’s minds to where they didn’t notice me or zoned them out. It was fuckin’ wild.

All in, yes when I dream… I dream deep hahaha.

My Dream about the Future #greatreset

I usually write my dreams in a dream book and keep them to myself. Or maybe, a notes section on facebook (no one really reads those). If you read this, then take it as you will. During these times I’ve already heard governments would be trying to hand out vaccination certificates as proof. I frankly found the idea somewhat cumbersome.

But in my dream, I was walking outside. I was at a mall. I noticed a lot of people overweight, tired, resting on the ground. My thoughts were that I needed to get to other side of the mall but I didn’t want to walk around it. Now that I’m awake I find it funny I would even consider walking around a mall versus through it.

Photo by Mauru00edcio Mascaro on

In the dream I noticed young security guards who were like children. I thought (who are they going to secure?) I decided to go inside the mall. It was crowded. People were watching a movie in a theater with no doors. They had to walk down into the theater in these amphitheatre like seats. You could hear the movie but from the top entrance, it would be hard to see unless you went in and sat down. It was like normal except one thing. Everyone was wearing these white bracelets. You know, the kind you get in a hospital.

When I woke, thought to myself, the security was checking those bracelets. They were the new “face masks”. Instead of paper, people wore these plastic bracelets much like when you go inside a concert when you’re over 21 that allows you to drink. But these were more long term use and scannable.

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I thought, if that became the new normal, a government may not have to mandate a vaccination but mandate businesses to keep people with no bracelet from entering. Because it was so small, people without one would seem irrational as more of the masses adopted it and it became a visual representation. Anyone could see from a distance if you were a part or not. The scan bar was the functional part as some would try to make fake ones. The scan bar gave enough digital information to third parties for green…acceptable… red expired. (oops sorry, ma’am you have expired, you cant come in. Call your local doctor to update) . I imagine they would use it for other verifiable data later.

Here’s the thing. Not everyone had one. All in all, it was a choice. But in order to be apart of their Brave New World, you needed to have some proof of entry or acceptance. Without it you lived on the outside. I’m not sure how I was able to see inside. I noticed no one in the dream was paying attention to others really; all zoned-out looking at screens (movies screen, phone, menus) So there’s a message there . We’ll see how far this world decides to go.

Fauci’s statement that asymptomatic people DO NOT transmit disease.

A blog about the hypocrisy and the lies they keep telling people but of course people have short memories. The video in this guys blog is of Fauci saying point blank the facts… Not sure why people trust him because he’s flip flopped so many times.

Don't Speak News

Here is a video you need to share with everyone you know, especially the pro maskers. The science didn’t change in a few months, the masks are NOT NEEDED because as Fauci correctly stated, pandemics are NOT DRIVEN BY ASYMPTOMATIC PEOPLE! He said it’s rare, which is what Fox News, The Hill and others correctly reported back in June 2020. The Hill article is below.

A top World Health Organization (WHO) officialon Monday said that it appears “very rare” for an asymptomatic person with the coronavirus to transmititto another person, a potential bit of good news in the fight against the virus.

“From the data we have, it still seems to be rare that an asymptomatic person actually transmits onward to a secondary individual,” said Maria Van Kerkhove, the WHO’s technical lead for COVID-19, when asked about the issue at a press briefing.

She noted that the answer is not…

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New Month New Energy

I woke up early feeling like charged. I don’t know why… December just does that to me. This month, however, is universal month 7 which is all about be rest, meditation, and planning. It’s my personal month 8 though. You figure out your personal month by adding the month and day of your birth and adding it to the universal month. Knowing your numerology for the month will give you a clue on how the energy is flowing for you so you can make your decisions accordingly. Hey… there’s a season for everything. This month we have a solar eclipse in Sagittarius and…. JUPITER AND SATURN conjunct on the WINTER SOLSTICE!!!! Yo…. if you’re in any way spiritual, you need to wake up to want is happening in the stars cause it’s something serious.

Full Moon IN Gemini Coming

I feel somewhat excited to say the least. It’s a partial lunar eclipse so in a nutshell it’s a powerful full moon. It’s a full moon with a lil “umph” in it. Gemini is about information, communication, movement of the mind. I sense there is gonna be a major download when it comes to how people think. It’s reflecting the Sagittarius sun which strives on the blunt truth…whether we like it or not. Sag is optimistic. Gemini is thinking and preparing for the worst. Does anything really surprise Gemini? All of this is happening November 29-30th at month’s end. But it’s just the beginning of truth bombs as it makes way for the SOLAR eclipse in Sagittarius (a grand new beginning) in December. I’m already seeing aspects of my own personal life moving around and I’m trying to gather my thoughts (hence me blogging) . Let me know what’s going in your life that sounds Gemini related.