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Daily Tarot Jan 22, 2020

Hey guys happy hump day! My sinuses have been kicking my ass. I don’t like cold weather. Any whoo, it’s a universal day 9 so finish things up before starting something new.

With the seven of swords you may be planning something you want to keep secret. Or on the flip side, someone may be keeping something from you. Day 9 is a great time to get get closure. Of you’re planning something, I wouldn’t reveal it until tomorrow.

Daily Tarot Jan 21, 2020

The week is steady moving and it’s time to crack at that to-do list. It’s a universal day 8 so finances and issues regarding your personal power should be focused on. The seven of cups is telling us to look at options of what actually makes you happy happy.

Be careful though, everything that’s presented to you isn’t the best for you. Take time to dream of what you want life to be like as well as a part of settig your intentions. A new moon is coming this weekend.

Daily Tarot Jan 20, 2020

Happy MLK day

Alot of people may be off work today. That’s good. It’s a universal day 7, so it’s good to take a break and think. The 4 of cups has similar energy. This guy is not accepting new offers right…please hold. Lol ….

A great day to prepare your week ahead and decide how it’s going to play out. Think about your relationships and if they are going in the right direction. Everything starts with your intention.

Daily Tarot Jan 19, 2020

Happy Sunday mortals… It’s a universal day 6 with the queen…yaaaas queen of pentacles. She reminds us to take care of our responsibilities. Self care…self love…all that jazz. Especially with the day 6 …it’s about balance and love for the people we know. It’s a strong Earth vibe with this one. Do your chores…clean up. Plan and budget or take someone you love out to eat. Good ways to use the energy in a (keyword) tangible way.

Daily Tarot Jan 18, 2020

Make something happen today. The magician gives you full control. There’s a wonderful creative energy today. It’s a universal day 5 . Creativity or… procreative 😜… Just saying. Use the energy as you will. Above all else don’t let negative thinking create something bad. If something happens…. It’s your fault. Just saying.

Daily Tarot Jan 17, 2020

Goood morning and happy Friday. It’s a universal day 4 and once again we have synchronicity with the 4 of cups. What’s that mean!!! 4 is about stability. The 4 of cups is about being emotionally still or satisfied. This guy has had fun and is not willing to take anymore. Perhaps you want offer someone something and they’re gonna be like “I’m good”.

Maybe it’s you. Maybe you don’t want take any new offer of emotions or love because you’re focused on something else. Either way the days energy is focused on work and feeling secure. It’s not focused on taking chances. If people don’t feel secure today…they won’t be bothered.

Daily Tarot Jan 16, 2020

Is it just me or has this felt like a long ass week? I slept in today. The rain outside lulled me back into dream world and you we Pisces love our sleep. Don’t judge me. Today is a universal day 3 and the 3 of cups. Come on synchronicity!

Today is a good day to socialize. Like fa real. Especially if you’ve been stressing. Find some good Judy’s and have a kiki… (Straight folk translation:. Have fun with close friends) . Don’t drink too much… It’s only Thursday.

Daily Tarot Jan 15, 2020

Something is coming to an end today. Good! May not feel like it. Maybe you’re tired about thinking and stressing about something. I see this like the beating a dead horse card. It’s done! Leave it alone!

It’s a universal day 11 which means prime time to manifest something new. Join with like minds and make something happen. Hopefully you didn’t manifest this drama… hopefully. If you did….let it die, move on. Stop talking about it.

Daily Tarot Jan 14, 2020

Today you may deal with legal issues or get help from someone. The six of pentacles is also about helping others. Balancing energy physically… It’s about being fair in a very tangible sense.

It’s also a universal day 1 so we begin a new cycle. Try something new, be independent and make a choice that’s yours alone. But even with that choice, do it for the greater good. Make the world better.