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September already? đź‘€

It was a long month. Things got better and worse at the same time. I’m hopeful that even with the bad things, it will open a door of opportunity. No weekly Tarot this week. Still working on the monthly tarot….and everyone so far is about love. What’s new right?

Our relationships whether plutonic or romantic are the defining borders of emotional ocean…or shallow ponds. We have to pick and choose our associations wisely mainly because we become more like those we hang around.

I won’t rant long. I just felt the need to vent. I’m still optimistic that life is moving me toward some grand plan… Talk later….

Virgo energy all over the place!

Hey guys,

How was your new moon in Leo? I’m finding that things are manifesting faster and harder so be careful what you wish for. Mercury is moving into Virgo as well as the moon so our analytical powers will be on point.

The bad thing is that Virgo can overthink things to it’s detriment. The sun will be going into Virgo later on this week. During this time, we all become investigators… Nothing will get past you.

Try not to allow your worries manifest what you don’t want. 2020 can be as bad or good as you want it. There’s an opportunity in everything…you just have to find it .

Good Morning Mortals

Happy Tuesday! I wanted to check in with you guys and discuss numerology real quick. 2020 is a universal month 4 so yes, it’s going to be about hard work but everything you plant this year will move you into a more stable life .

A universal year 4 is also about the home and family. No wonder we have spent soooo much time at home. Domestic issues have definitely been on the forefront. As we voyage through this second half of the year, tell me how your life has gotten better…not worse. How have you grown as a person?

Full moon and Weekly #Tarot

Hey guys! Well we have a full moon in Aquarius today and tomorrow. It’s a time to really analyze how we truly feel about things. Aquarius is the opposite of Leo where it’s about how we love each other and Leo is the love of self.

I figure you’ll have to get honest and communicate these feelings or being thinking about them tonight. The moon is lighting up how you feel about something and the sun is our present awareness. This week should be really interesting but the tarot reading shows good things coming….check it out.

August Tarot Forecast

Hey everyone! So I decided to go ahead and add a completed playlist for my monthly youtube videos so those who aren’t subscribed to my youtube channel can have their one stop shop for the monthly forecast. (I’m so nice)

After finishing I noticed a strong soulmate energy for every sign. If you have been been having issues with a partner or someone you have been interested in, you won’t be able to escape their energy for August. The universal number for August is 3. So there’s going to be a need to communicate! So face your problems and hash out your grievances. That Leo energy is going to give everyone the strength to ROAR and then we’ll get be trying to fix and analyze issues when we slip into Virgo.

scroll through the playlist and find your zodiac sign. Be sure to check your rising as well.

Blog Rant: Life of a Tarot Reader

Haven’t really blogged in awhile. Been caught up in my daily routine of job hunting and keeping my mind afloat in an insane world it seems. With so much free time I’ve been really focused on tarot and that’s fun. Many don’t even know that I got a side gig on a psychic line. I use a different name so I doubt if you find me. It’s interesting but the people ask really weird questions

There’s this one woman who calls and all she wants to know is other people’s business. I feel like it’s like tarot spying. I can see somethings but at times it’s hard to divulge motives . For instance she’ll ask me “what’s he doing about …[whatever]” and then she’ll follow up with why he’s doing that? It’s frustrating . I want to just tell folks.. “uhh why don’t you just talk to him about it and stop being nosey” . Granted, I think people create the bad situations they are in most of the time because they don’t communicate.

I have helped a few. One woman was in a long relationship if we can call it that. I saw the man had no intention on being a committed relationship. She confirmed that. I hope she does well. Love is a motherfucker. Sex keeps people in bad situations.

I’m trying to think of youtube videos I can do for free. I set up my monthly patreon for subscriptions. I feel like its my onlyfans but for tarot. It’s not a bad deal for the $20 a month cause you can get practically 4 personal readings a month on Tuesday. Granted it’s a live stream and there’s the possibility other people will be online so it’s not private. But it’s something.

I think this may be my calling. I already had one guy tell me on Facebook I was going to hell so I must be on the right track *giggle*. I had a vision of doing something bigger with this but I won’t talk about it right now. My love life is decent. I have a discrete South American lover. My gawd, am I living a romance novel? I can’t make this shit up. Speaking of which, still trying to get an outline for a new book. A little stuck. I need some inspiration. Anywho… don’t want to bore you death. Thanks for checking me out. Talk later.

Coronavirus: The Matrix is Rebooting

Well I’ve made a couple of videos about this Coronavirus thing. One was tarot and another I-ching. It wasn’t all doom and gloom and from a esoteric point of view, it was actually pretty hopeful. It didn’t stop Youtube from flagging the video and made me wonder why information was being so controlled at this time. Why everything was being controlled at this time is a bigger question. Yeah, I know… “it’s for the good of mankind” I got that. It’s repeated constantly as well as the herd-shit. I hate that honestly….being compared to a herd.

The New world Order is here

The old world is dead. Everything we knew and how to do it is passing away. Something new is emerging. For me, everything starts from the unknown, the spiritual; the occult subconscious and manifests into our everyday mundane consciousness. Every thing starts with man’s idea on how to change the world. There’s been a lot of trial runs on how to re-order the world and in the year 2020, this is the winner; and it’s happening fast.

I remember the world before 9/11. You could take family all the way up to where you were about to leave for your flight. Remember that scene from Friends when Ross runs to the airport to find Rachel? That just doesn’t happen anymore (you have to buy a ticket to get that far today!) Well I guess you can meet people at baggage claim….

On September 11th everything changed. Things changed on how we traveled, how serious we took security, and now in 2020 a mass global change is happening fast. Changes are happening to not only how we view community health but how we view working from home, school systems, financial systems, and service work. All the people in these areas globally are being affected.

Is life a computer simulation?

Let’s say, that what if this is actually one big simulation like Elon Musk said. What if this is one big computer AI and we are just SIM characters playing out a certain programmed role. What if that computer system is up for a major update or it will crash. The only way to save the data (if you have every worked with your own computer when it has a virus) is to put it in safe mode until the virus is removed

The global society has been put on safe mode. We’ve all been asked to stop doing so much. To sit still before the Matrix crashes because the system is infected. Some programs have been deleted, some have slowed down, others are working fine. But overall the entire computer is about to crash. Every heard of the blue screen of death (funny they call it that) . Safe mode has been implemented and we waited for something, unknown to us, to just…get better, at some undetermined time.

Once the system reboots, I promise nothing will be as it was before. Some major financial upheaval will change. How we work will change. How we socialize will change. This will happen because it was already predetermined. A new update will be installed. There is nothing that analytics can not predict and the powers that be have plenty of it. I don’t even need to use some esoteric reason for that. I’m just hoping it will be for the better.

Coronavirus predictions

You can watch my readings on the Coronavirus here:

Tarot reading on the Coronavirus
Iching Reading

Life is about balance. For every bad thing the universe has to compensate with the good. The universe naturally does this with everything. So, I’m optimistic that whatever happens, the natural order will restore itself. If you’re reading this, I want to encourage you to stay in a positive mind frame. Your thoughts created reality. Never let fear motive or hinder your actions. Be secure in your love and those that love you. If that sounds too hippy well focus on balance (and wash your hands). Many of us will lose something… but just know, you will gain something as well.

Let me know what you think. Leave me a comment or if you’re nervous … just email me lol.

Daily Tarot: a new chapter begins

It’s a universal day 1 and the world card has popped up! Congratulations player, you’ve made it to next round in the game of reality. Today use this energy to start something. Do something you’ve never done before.

Some of you may be doing a pre-valentines celebration to avoid the crowds….do it! It’s a great day to do something solo as well. The world card says the world is yours. Look at everything that has happened in the past to get you to this point. You made it. Now…keep going! Go!

Daily Tarot: Let’s check that budget

This card , the seven of pentacles, looks as if he checking on his money before harvesting it. It’s not time yet and it’s still growing but make sure there aren’t any weeds to prevent growth. On a universal day 8 your focus should be something more financial as well.

Questions you should ask yourself: how can I get more money. Am I spending my money in the right place? Where can I make cut backs or investments? The universe wants fiscal balance today.