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Pray for All Children

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I had the most disturbing dream. I feel if I don’t get it out my head it will bother me more. I always believe that dreams are messages from the astral. I can’t remember much, as dreams sometimes go… its like watching a story in a fog.

There was this woman speaking to me. I couldn’t see her and all I could hear was her voice. She was telling the story of all these children that had been hurt and needed help. I couldn’t really understand and she didn’t want to show persay because it was too horrible. But the dream start illustrating characters like drawings and there was illustrated man who was very big and he had two very small children. One was toddler age, because the child could stand on their own and the other was on the other side sitting. They were what looked like a square boxing ring inside an empty warehouse?? I’m no sure.

the rest of this “cartoon” is disturbing be warned.

He then pulled a huge blade and began stabbing the toddler. 😭 He stabbed the child in the head while the sitting baby watched. I’m not sure if he did it to the baby because naturally I tried to wake from this horrible dream. I thought “what is this?!” and the female voice came back to me and said, “There are many children , pray for them.”

I had the most helpless feeling. Like why?! Who? Where? But I remember how my mother would pray a prayer of protection around me anytime I would go out to school (and if my friends came over she’d pray over them too) . I tell everyone the angels don’t intervene UNLESS we ask for their help. What we can’t do physically in our own bodies we can influence in the spiritual and ask our spiritual helpers to intervene.

So today, I pray and ask you to pray for children in your neighborhood (your circle of influence) that you don’t even know. You don’t have to be physically present but there may be some kid around some real demented adults. There may be some kid that doesn’t know about love and has only experienced pain, abuse , and death. Today… pray for those kids. Asé

Getting ready for this Neptune Jupiter Conjunction

So I’m sure if you’re into astrology then you’ve already heard about this conjunction. Anytime big planets join their energy it’s like “wonder twin power activate!”

Ive been wondering how this transit is going to affect my life. I’m a Pisces after all but it’s happening in 4th house of home and family. I already work from home and love it but what more can Jupiter and Neptune do for my sense of “security” ….buy an alarm system? Lol

Since Neptune has been in this sector I’ve started doing Oranum psychic line from home, so maybe there’s more I can do there. Life has been ups and down but I’m optimistic things will get better. My day job is ok but I wish I got paid more especially in this economy. (Why couldn’t this happen in my 2nd house 😭)

Anywho… I’ll keep y’all posted if anything changes 😜

Powerful week Ahead

Hey guys, just thought I share my weekly tarot read here since some of my simulcasting isnt quite working. If you missed it, in a nutshell we have some good astrological vibes pushing us to not only take a chance but be successful. I woke us this morning feeling just ansty. It may be the moon in Gemini. I always say work with the energy to manifest what you want. The oracle card I pulled for everyone is about taking charge of your life. For most people, you need to start today building the life you want.

How to manifest this week

You will want to first write your goals down. Aries season is like a new year. So just like people write their new years resolution on January 1st, you want to do that this week. Do you want to work out more? Do you want to have a healthier relationship? Do you want better friends? All the energy of the universe is pushing you to start that . So dont worry about the past 3 months and any resolution you didn’t keep. Mundane timing was off anyways. Now is the time. Watch the video below to see the forecast for your sun, rising and moon sign.

A Tarot Reading on Flat Earth

Hey guys, had a great reading on NASA, the lies they tell , belief, spiritually and ….flat earth theory. DUN DUN DUN! Wanna hear it check out this link

Or you can watch the whole discussion here:

Never Forget this spiritual Concept

I know most of you know this, but I felt the need to just put this reminder into your spirit again. When you open your eyes in the morning every day, the first thing you should ever do before you get up, or check your phone, or start cussing about how bright it is 🤣…


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Give thanks to the creator of the universe for existing through you. Give thanks for the source of all experiencing life with you and choosing you for this moment. Give thanks for essence of life reviving, recharging and balancing out you spiritually, mentally, and physically. Give thanks for the blessings coming today and most of all, give thanks for the protection from the entities that have been set to challenge you and the power and wisdom to overcome.

Try that…. and see how your day turns out 😉

Change is Coming Quickly, Uranus moves direct!

So we have Mercury the planet of communication retrograde and Venus retrograde as well. As a collective we’re all rethinking things and ideas that we once had. We’re seeing a lot of this regarding the information, misinformation, the news media and so forth. The world is taking a lot information regarding COVID and backtracking. The latest is defining people dying WITH COVID versus FROM COVID. A definite backtrack I related to Mercury retrograde.

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Venus is retrograde in Capricorn. She rules relationships and the boundaries we set for ourselves but Capricorn is also about government. Our relationship with the government comes into question. Where does the fine line of people and government fall? Are we ruled by them or do they rule over us? All in all Venus will question all relationships, even those with our parents, friends, lovers to establish what the rules actually are.

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Then good old Uranus the planet of quick change and innovation is moving direct in Taurus. He’s been there awhile . Uranus rules Aquarius (where Mercury is) , Venus rules Taurus (where Uranus is chilling) , Saturn (Aquarius old Ruler) rules Capricorn when Venus is. There’s a planetary exchange of energy here. Taurus is about our security, what makes us feel safe, our self worth and Uranus wants to make some changes quick to that. I see it like a earthquake, shaking things up and moving people around so hold tight. It may manifest physically like something like that I’ve heard of a few Volcano erupting in the news. Taurus is an earth sign.

Either way, we’re going to see a lot change starting this week regarding how we think about things and our relationships with ourselves and others. If you can flow with these changes you’ll be okay. If you don’t like change, you’ll have issues.

The Pluto Return of the united States

Our country is going through many changes and its not done yet! Capricorn represents structure, business and organization. Pluto is the planet of death, rebirth, and change. Its about to be in the same place it was in 1776!!! America will never be the same after this. Find out what you need to know on a metaphysical level to ride this wave of change!

More Truth Bombs Are happening

I predicted that when we had the solar eclipse in Sagittarius, that we would have more world wide truth bombs. The video I am sharing is just one of many I think we’ll see before Jupiter (which rules Sagittarius) moves out of Aquarius (the social community). Sagittarius is big on beliefs so of course people will be polarized because of their belief but this energy is about harsh truths. We’ll see more and more people expressing themselves when before (in the past year) things have been censored or silenced. I was telling one follower of mine, now is the time to speak up if you’re going to. The timing is now. Watch the video below.

More information from Dr. Robert Malone another virologist.

More truth bombs about Pfizer <<<——-