Tarot Readings

Get A Personalized Reading

Ready for something more personal? I do plenty of free general readings online but sometimes you need something more specific to your situation. I provide advice based on three things, numerology, astrology and / or tarot. You have the choice of requesting one or all three. Live readings are done over Skype. My prices are affordable but my time is limited so book yours today!

Things You Need Ahead of Your Reading

For Astrology: Date of birth, time of birth, city or if you know it OR just give your Sun/ Rising/ and Moon Sign

For Numerology: Just Your Birthdate. Numerology is great for understanding the timing of the universe.

For Tarot: Best questions are formed as “What would happen if I…” “Can you please give me insight into the…. situation” “Please give me insight into my love/work/money life” Yes or no questions can be done, but they don’t (in my opinion give a lot of information and can be more “conditional”