November is a Universal Month 5

Ahhh sweet November! The seasons are changing and in numerology the five vibration should make things somewhat more carefree than last month’s 4 vibration. The universal month 5 will bring it’s creative energy. 5 means change as well, so many people will feel the need to change some aspect of their life. Romantic activities are also heightened during this month. For those with children, you may be more focused on them, besides Christmas is next month. TIme to see what those kiddies really want and start some early shopping. Be aware though, that mercury is still retrograde until mid-month. So I wouldn’t start buying any electronic items until near the end of the month. Have fun this month and take time to play. Let your inner child out! Enjoy the month!

The Numerology of August 2019

Hey guys! Timing is everything, and time wouldn’t be anything without numbers. But did you know that numbers have meaning? Numerology is the study of the hidden meaning of numbers and how they relate to our lives. When and when not to do things can have a big effect on your life. For this segment, we’ll discuss this month’s numerology and how it can help you. There are personal numbers (that deal with only your life).  Then there are universal numbers that deal with everyone!


We’ll deal with universal numbers first. Calculate 2019 by adding all the numbers into one number 2+0+1+9= (come on math students…. That’s right 12!) Now keep adding until you get a single-digit 1+2= 3. So 2019 is a universal 3 month. The number 3 means socializing and communicating. It’s a great year for everyone to express themselves and hang out. No wonder the presidential debates are this year. Everyone wants to “express their opinion”. 

speak up

To calculate August, you add that 3 to 8 (because August is the 8th month). 8+3=11 (now STOP, because 11 is a special number) 11 is a prime number so it has a powerful vibration. August is a universal 11 month and 11 means “create your reality”. Ever heard of the saying when you see 11:11 you should make a wish? Yeah, the same thing in numerology. 

August is going to be powerful month starting with a new moon in Leo and ending with another new moon in Virgo. New moons mean new beginnings. Best of all that pesky Mercury is finally direct. Mercury is the planet of communication so ideas will flow fast. Jupiter is the planet of luck. It is moving forward in Sagittarius (the sign of luck and optimism) in August as well.  Whatever you’re wishing for or trying to start, do it in August because the entire universe has your back. Good luck!

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Major Astrological Things Happening This Summer

We’re getting really close to the Summer Solstice and I’m sure a few of you are excited about that. The longest day of the year. A time to celebrate the life giving energy of the sun and all that entails but there’s so other things that caught my attention. Neptune is going retrograde.

Okay… I get it. It’s not as popular as the Mercury retrograde and probably not as noticeable but here’s the weird thing. Neptune will be joining THREE other planets in this retrograde movement in their own HOME signs. Neptune is retrograde in Pisces. Jupiter is retrograde in Sagittarius. Saturn is retrograde in Capricorn. These are powerful movements and the energy is going to pull us to reevaluate several areas of our lives.

Neptune and Pisces rules the spiritual, the unknown, the higher self. Also things like drugs, intoxication, confusion, fantasy (ie. virtual reality) come under this umbrella.

Jupiter and Sagittarius rule higher learning, philosophy, traveling, free education (internet) abundance and freedom. What is the actual truth of the matter comes into play as well.

Saturn and Capricorn rule all the organized system: Religion, Government, Education. Saturn is the reaper of death and ruler of time and space (ie. our 3D reality)

Pluto is also retrograde in Capricorn during the summer only intensifying all this energy. So this summer we’re being swayed to re-evaluate our spirituality, our beliefs, and what or how this reality is organized. We’re given a moment to breath before these planets go back to action in their home signs pushing their energy forward. Now how that affect you personally is dependent on where these planets fall in your birthchart. You can check that out here

My prediction

Overall I think society is going to see a lot changes in regards to not only the government and education but how we feel about it. We’re seeing a lot of attention happening with foreign travels, tourism, corruption, bans, deaths. I also think this is last test before virtual reality makes a big leap into how people interact overall on social media and perhaps every aspect of our lives. That’s just my take and predictions. What do you guys think? Leave me a comment.

Mercury Retrograde, New Moon, and Uranus Changing Signs, Oh My!

There is just too much going on in the cosmos this week. Mercury retrograde in Pisces is going to have a lot of people digging deep into their subconscious and emotions. Everybody is going to be second thinking which is good. So … don’t panic!

The best way to deal with Mercury retrograde energy is to slow down and purposely do something over. People usually get screwed when they work against the energy and try doing new things, move too fast, or speak too soon. (So if that ex calls you… listen to them, but you don’t have to do anything)

Uranus is different. It takes 7 years to move from sign to sign and it’s going to move out of Aries into Taurus. I figure most Taurus people will have the hardest time since they don’t like their comfort zone screwed with. But that’s what Uranus does…shakes things up, transforms, and upgrades. In the end, you’re a better person for it. For all the other signs this transformation is having in different places of your life depending on the house it falls in. For example, Taurus is the second house of Aries. Aries transformed how they see themselves for the last 7 years and now they will be transforming their 2nd house of income (lucky you).

With the New Moon in Pisces so close to these aspects, it almost feels like a new year, a new beginning, a chance to ask the universe anything you want. For all the Pisces out there, this is your chance to ask the universe for a birthday gift (light the candle but don’t blow it out )

All in all, remember this is a universal 6 month in numerology. That’s all about balance and harmony. Everyone should use the energy of the month to balance out whatever is wacky this month. Use that retrograde energy to do a “personal audit”. If it’s broke, fix it. Do a spiritual spring cleaning. You’ll be a better person for it.

Zodiac Signs of Disney Princesses

I thought I do a carefree blog today. Okay, I like Disney movies, don’t judge me! But I also like astrology so I’m gonna try to take a guess at what each disney princesses sign is.

So lets start with


Ariel strikes me as an AQUARIUS. Aquarians are often associated with water but are actually air signs and that was exactly her issue. She lived in the water and wanted to be in the air. Ariel also was obsessed with knowing more and she had to figure things out. Aquarians will give their all when they are in love, and Ariel was not only willing to give up her voice but when it came down to fighting Ursela, her own life… that’s a pretty determined girl!


Cinderella is VIRGO to the letter. Virgos are clean freaks. Do you think she got that job by accident? Nah, her step sisters saw how good a job she did at making things right and they just let her clean up EVERYTHING. Virgos have to watch out for that. She also not only wanted love but she went for PRINCE CHARMING, she went for the best. When her dressed got messed up though, she cancelled everything and gave up. She didn’t try fixing the dress, she threw in the muthafuckin towel. Lol. Perfection was flawed! Alas with a little help from Godmother and some mice (something that has to be given and not too often asked for) This Virgo was brought to her ideal perfection. BUT watch out! Virgos will create a fantasy of perfection that they want others to see but at midnight its back to dealing with reality. Was Cinderella intending on ever telling old Prince the truth? Probably not, luckily he accepted her flaws and all and that’s the type of person a Virgo needs.

Snow White:

One of the fatal flaws to be a PISCES is being too gullible. I mean really. Snow was always in some other world singing to birds, daydreaming, and hanging out with 7 weird guys in the woods. Did she care that she was royalty? Nope. And when the Queen tried to kill her with a poison apple, she took the bait, hook, line and sinker without question of why this creepy old lady is trying to feed her. Snow white (the original Disney story not the rebooted versions) is very very passive. But in the end, she still wins the man and the kingdom…somehow…even though she was sleep.  Did I mention Pisces enjoy sleeping a lot? It’s very typical for a Pisces to succeed at things in a passive way. If it’s meant to be…it will be.


Rapunzel has a lot of energy but one thing I can say she was focused. She had one idea and she was like, that’s what I want. “I want to see the lights” That’s why I’m gonna call her a SAGITTARIUS. Sags are very positive, get along with most people, and usually have focused minds. Like the archer shooting a target they focus and shoot. You can’t coop a Sag in, they have to go out and live life and as you can see, she was at the bar singing with thugs and hoodlums and no one cared! Rapunzel spoke the truth and expected the same from others which is why she was so shocked that Flynn and her “mother” had both and some point lied to her. All in all, she got over it. Sag’s don’t hold grudges and she even married Flynn.


Tiana was not interested in partying, or a man, or doing anything other than getting her own business. Can we say HELLO CAPRICORN? Caps are bit of workaholics and sometimes it takes outside influences to break them away from the practical world into the magical fantasy. Matter of fact, once a Capricorn allows their self to indulge in juuuust a little fantasy they might just come full circle and get not only what they wanted…but what they needed.


She was expected to be a girl and get married but what Mulan really wanted to do was fight in the military. She chopped her hair and threw on some armor because you just don’t tell an ARIES what to do. Aries is the sign of leadership, war, and action. Mulan was fearless and proved that she could do anything the fellas could do (if not better)


When Aladdin first tried to impress her he thought it would be about money and riches. But LEOS already have money and riches plus they don’t like people upstaging them. She was not impressed. She didn’t enjoy being told that she had to marry under a deadline either. What eventually won her heart was Aladdin’s ability to add a sense of adventure to her life. If you can help a Leo get out and see a “Whole new World” they will fall in love with you. Did I forget to mention out of all the Princesses, Jasmine was quite confident in how sexy she was. So Leo. You better werq b!tch.


Belle is a little difficult to pinpoint. Her nose is always stuck in a book, she’s an introvert. She non-judgmental, she’s gentle, she’s a teacher. She’s always trying to help. I’m gonna call her ehhhhhhh LIBRA. Libra is an air sign. Air is about freedom and she expressed at the beginning of the movie that a “provincial life” was not enough. Gaston was all about appearance but Librans are romantic at heart and love a good conversation and that’s what she had with the Beast. Near the end of the movie, she found herself trying to be the diplomat of peace between the townspeople and the Beast which is also very Libra.


Running with all the colors of the wind and never keeping still. You know what else is harder to control other than the wind? GEMINIS. Gemini is an air sign as well and big on communication. The white man arrived and BAM she was communicating and learning a new language. A dual nature came from her ability to be a part of the tribe and to exist in John Smith’s world as well. But if you want this girl, you better be able to run in the wind with her because she is not going to slow down….ever.

I don’t have all day to go down every character and yes I know I left out Elsa..but isn’t she technically a Disney QUEEN? Hmm… why don’t you guys tell me. What sign do you think Elsa is? She’s  the girl who doesn’t want to feel, does the job, and may have a tendency to isolate to protect herself. All in all her sister was the most important in her life. Lol I already have an idea but I’ll keep it to myself. Comment your answer…