Daily Tarot Jan 14, 2020

Today you may deal with legal issues or get help from someone. The six of pentacles is also about helping others. Balancing energy physically… It’s about being fair in a very tangible sense.

It’s also a universal day 1 so we begin a new cycle. Try something new, be independent and make a choice that’s yours alone. But even with that choice, do it for the greater good. Make the world better.

Daily Tarot Jan 13, 2020

It’s the type of day where you’re thinking about what made you happy in the past. Maybe it’s an old friend… It’s just someone you just miss…. The energy is strong. This energy is about balancing the old with the new.

It’s about reinventing something. On a universal day 9 we reflect on the end of a cycle. It’s a day to finish up anything you haven’t completed. There’s a strong reminiscing energy here. Don’t start something new. Complete something.

Daily Tarot Jan 12, 2020

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you’re having a great day so far. It’s a universal day 8 . Focus on any financial obligations that you have. There seems to be some power in getting business affairs done.

Couple that with the four of wands and you’re seriously building a firm foundation today. There’s been a strong celebratory energy all weekend and even today that energy flows into today.

For some, it’s a great day to celebrate your relationship or spend money on someone you have a relationship with. For those that are single, make the first move toward someone. 8 is a power number. Use it.

Daily Tarot Jan 11, 2020

There’s something to be proud of today. Take time to enjoy it with the 6 of wands card. It’s also a universal 7 day so it’s rest moment. You made it past one hump. Before you start your next quest….just breathe.

Your battles will be there when you get back. It’s the weekend and a lot of the states are experiencing a cold front. Make some tea and think about your successes. Plan for your next step. Have a great weekend. If you need a reading, contact me.

Daily Tarot Jan 10, 2020

It’s Friday! This would be great day to spend with your family. It’s a universal day 6 which is about love. Not just any love however. The love we give our close family and friends.

The 10 of cups is about appreciating those bonds we have. It’s loving our partner and children. So today, take that time to have a family outing. Eat together and turn off the phones! Tell someone you love that you….love them. Have a great Friday 😘

Daily Tarot Jan 9, 2020

5 of swords… I think the way to get through this day is with your mental strength. This guy is about to win his battle and take his reward with a smile on this face.

This card is about …. #winning . It’s also about others simply giving up. It’s a universal day 5 so have fun with whatever you decide to do. Notice there’s card 5 and a day 5. Competing and having fun seem to be the energy. Hmm and it’s a universal month 5 .

555 is about things changing. Hopefully this change is for the good. The full moon lunar eclipse is helping bring those changes on Friday. Stay optimistic my friends. If you need a personal tarot reading, contact me!

Daily Tarot Jan 7,2020

There may be an accomplishment done today that you’ll feel very proud about. It’s a universal day 3 which represents communication so ….either you want to announce it or something is being announced to you.

The full moon is coming so maybe you win an argument. Watch out for that by the way… As we approach the full moon people will get more emotional. It’s not here yet but will be here by the weekend.

Daily Tarot Jan 6, 2020 click this now! #mondaymotivation

Yo! Check it …the Chariot card is major card about making things happen….and…annnnnd it’s a universal day 11. You know…like 11:11 ….

11 is about manifestation. It’s about making a wish and it coming true. The chariot is all about taking control of your reality. Balancing all your energy, Ying and yang and making it work!

Don’t go into Monday with a bad mood and creating the same shit. Create what you want. Create the world you want. What are you waiting for? Go!

Daily Tarot Jan 5, 2020

It’s Sunday and a universal day 1! Take a chance and begin something new today. Be happy because something is trying to birth today.

If you can spend sometime outside or outside your normal realm of doing things. The universe is trying to move things in your favor so look at the bright side. Things will get better.

Daily Tarot Jan 4, 2020

Happy Saturday! On this universal day 9 it’s about harvest time and seeing the fruits of your labor. 9 about finishing things but the page is about a new beginning of something about to emerge.

Best bet today, finish up anything not completed and get ready for something new because it’s coming. Your investment is not in vain.