Don’t Allow the Media to Divide You

Our country and communities have been stricken with so much grief lately. Just scrolling through Facebook and Twitter you can tell that people are tired. You can tell that people are waking up. You can tell people want change. People are unfriending and blocking each other left and right. We see the flaw in the human condition; the need to control, the need to dominate, or the need to point blame. Besides, all these problems are caused by anyone else but our self. Right?


I see clever headlines meant to provoke, mostly done as “click bait” which sadly, I understand working in social media. Social media people know that they must get you to see or click on their article. There are two goals

1. to make you feel good about something (ie. puppies or inspirational stories) or

2. to anger you.

If you know “the game” you realize that people are doing their job. But in these times we need to take personal responsibility on what we say and how we are “influencing” those who actually listen to what we have to say.

For those that are social media influencers, who have large followings, subscribers, or friend’s list it’s your job to lead. It’s your job to be cognitive of what you reshare. Make sure that in this tumultuous time that you’re sharing an article from viable sources and not some fake article using click bait to sell advertising. Ask yourself, is what I’m sharing/tweeting promoting fear, hate or love? These may be subjective to some but everyone has a personal responsibility do use their voice in the right way and ignore those who strive to do the opposite. Your likes, or dislikes, comments (be it negative) boost the attention of posts. When you know how the machine works, you can use it to your favor.


Online Dating in Generation X #LGBT

I don’t even know why I call it online dating … might as well just call it dating. In my universe there’s not too many ways to get to know a person. My life is consumed with the internet (working in social media) and I try to go out when I have money and time, but then I want to hang out friends. Drunken bar hookups seem just so… unromantic. lol. So I’m using my tools to see how this works.. (versus my tool) . So far I’ve checked out Tinder on my phone and OkCupid. I’ve gotten more feedback and conversation on OKcupid. Maybe cause the guys in my neighborhood are not the “dating” types. But I do live smack dab in the middle of the gayborhood close to all the bars so…there you have those “drunken bar hookups” just on my phone app. Not that I don’t mind a drink or two and whatever happens-happens it’s just I would like to do something more–ya know like a stroll to Klyde Warren park or hit up White rock Lake or something. My close friend told me that I have to put the intention out there that I’m serious. So hey… can’t put it out there better than writing it down can I? I’m a hopeful romantic. I like a lot of guys, I think a lot of guys are cute, it’s just none are quite fitting with my life at this moment. I’m a generation X guy that can easily date older or younger at this moment. I like partying but I don’t want to do it all the time. I like chilling with netflix but I don’t want to be at home all the time. I just need a fine balance of the two… an active and passive relationship/lifestyle. Eh, I don’t want to overthink it.

5 Ways How People May Be Racist and Not Realize It #ParkerRice

So I live in Dallas and after this whole SAU chant scandal, it moves closer to home as these “oh so wonderful” college students (two matter of fact) happen to be from Dallas, TX. Dallas has a long history of racism and still has what I called “passive racism”.

Passive racism versus aggressive racism is the type that a white guy may not call you the n-word to your face but he’ll wait until you’re gone and say it around his friends. When you complain about passive racism it is real easy for people to write you off as being “sensitive”.  It’s when you’re at the bar and people go out their way to not make conversation with you or servers and bartenders literally look over you like you’re not there. It would be ridiculous to “assume” it’s because you’re a different color but if you compare notes with other friends you may find that there’s a track record. It’s a crude joke, an unwelcome comment, a fetish, or an inappropriate stereotype (because you’re black) .

I have watched on the news as friends and family in Dallas have come to the defense (yes, the actual defense) to Parker Rice saying “Oh he’s not a racist.”

People think that racism is about hating Black people and that’s not the case. I’ve heard this song and dance before and I’ll tell you why Parker and people like him are racist and don’t even know it.

 They deep down think they are better because they are white. 

period . Drop the mic

1.They don’t see Blacks as equals. They believe they should have a better life because their racial “status” . Some develop a sort of “elitism” and look down on other races or don’t trust them. Those who don’t achieve success will be angry at a Black who achieved it before they admit their own shortcomings (OBAMA!!!!). Some Caucasian people seriously don’t understand a need for diversity. If you ask them who is the best singer, rapper, groups they may mention Justin Timberlake, Eminem, and Iggy respectfully. And it’s not because that they’ve compared it to other music. It’s mainly because they have no interest in anything until they see a white face attached.

2. It may also come off in a passive racist way of thinking that Blacks are only successful through the influence of white people.

The poor black people in the ghetto. Their history begins in slavery. (lies) . Africa is so poor and diseased. There is no way that a Black person could be intelligent or make out the “hood” without a white savior. Movies sometimes reinforce this propaganda. They don’t take time to learn real history good or bad.

In the working world it may be that you may get the job but they will never promote you. A good supervisor should give you the tools to one day do their job (especially if they are planning on promotion) . But a passive racist will give you a subordinate job and will work you hard with lesser pay. You won’t think its about race until one of his “friends” jumps up the ranks before you. He’s a good ol boy.

3. They actually think “cracker” is as equally offensive as the n-word.

Be that cracker was a word created by whites to depict a person who cracks the whip on slaves and phrases like “look at that young whipper snapper” also were words of endearment that also referred to a slave whipper does not quite equate with a word that degrades a whole race as “less than”

The N-word and any derivative of it …has always meant a person who is less than (willfully ignorant) …typically the Black person. But that discussion is for another blog.

4. They objectify Black people.

Oh look! they have a black friend, collect Black music, and occasionally they enjoy Black dick. Everything connected with Black is a fetish…a collectors item. Black people are not people, they are trophies from Africa to put on their mantel. They just love Black people.

5. They feel fearful or uncomfortable if they are in an environment where the majority of people are Black.

I remember when I took an study abroad course in Jamaica and there was this one clueless, apparently from money, girl who literally had a panic attack when we got there. She couldn’t leave the hotel. I guess it felt different when everywhere you go there are Black faces.

The professors said it was “culture shock” which is a politically correct way of saying she was scared of all the black people. Usually people like this won’t be comfortable unless they are in control of the situation and the people like that movie, “The man that Would be King” . It’s almost a “god-complex” .

Are all white people racist? No. Are all racists white? NOPE! It’s really difficult to identify internalized passive racism just as hard as it to identify internalized homophobia. You just don’t know until you’re faced with it. I don’t believe anybody wants to be racist. It just happens. It’s way easier for Caucasians because they have the ability to isolate themselves in white environments, with white television, and white media and never have to acknowledge anyone else exists or is important. Being “diverse” is like a field trip but they can return to their utopia society anytime they want. In America, it’s not the same with any other ethnicity. As with any state of ignorance, with any race the only solution is education and empathy. Without that , we will not be able to move forward from antiquated modes of thought.

I joined the Tea Party. (The Long Island Ice Tea Chapter)

Oaklawn Halloween Block Party

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Saturday Oct 30, 2010 in Dallas – 8PM to 2AM

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“The Oaklawn Halloween Block party is an event not to be missed! Get dressed up and come out for a night to be remembered. Want up to date Gay Dallas information? Add this page: For Halloween Costume Ideas -…”
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