Gay Clubs vs Str8 Clubs

I decided to make a short video about the difference. I hope you enjoy it and leave me a comment on what you think.

Oh yeah here’s me at Dallas Gay Pride this past weekend.

Here’s a song that i just couldnt resist lmao

in other news I just heard about Bishop eddie Long being accused of some Gay Sex scandal. I wonder if he is gonna get on the same “self Denial” train as Donnie McClurckin and Ted Haggard. Probably so. For all my christian friends still in denial…um Things don’t usually get on CNN without valid proof. And from what Ive heard he’s been up to this for some time. Better the truth than to live in disception I always say…

And this Dont ask dont tell shit….YES SHIT I realize that its all political. If anything, the GOP just want to create reasons for people to be angry. And they will point the fingers at the democrats and Obama and say “look, they promised this or that and couldn’t do it. Dont vote for them!” its all a ploy. The GOP is playing their political cards to gain votes or sway voters. Pretty obvious.

What do you guys think?