How Emotions Can Affect Your Reality

I think emotions, especially for men, can be seen as a negative thing and that really needs to stop. There is a link between consciousness, our subconscious, and how we feel about situations on a moment to moment basis. In fact it’s acknowledging those feelings where our true power comes. I found this thought provoking video with Jim Carrey talking on this subject, some people don’t know how deep this guy actually is because he is paid to be comically but just check it out.

Manic Monday

I hate it when I have a dream about work and then have to come to work…. I mean damn, I literally had a dream that I was getting off work and then life is like, “hahah just kidding you were sleep …now start over.” 

[insert sad face here]



Granted my weekend was lackluster and I just laid around. That’s what happens when you’re waiting for pay day. You don’t do shit. My mind is brainstorming ways to make more money outside of job (well other than being an author) but it’s not like I’m Anne Rice or J.K. Rowling or something (well not yet) .  I can’t cut any more expenses , unless car insurance is an option… yeah…probably not. LOL. 


in other news, I just joined … it’ll help me find social events to go to with people my age… ya know for working folk. I have friends, but they are EVERYWHERE and in every city. I dunno, I just want a social club or something to be apart of . Maybe I’ll volunteer. I checked into HRC (Human Rights Campaign) to see what they were about. I’ll keep you guys posted …

I had that dream again


…you know, the flying dream. I was walking in the night and spread my arms and the wind caught me. I kept going higher than I’ve ever been.

I kept telling myself… “don’t be afraid ” so I kept breathing and floating up. Flying for me in dreams is like swimming. I could see the city below was night. I flew around a lake and crash landed in a tree. Lol

I walked home. The next morning everyone was in an uproar about the “flying man” and who he was…nobody knew. I kept quiet.  I was amazed at the news stories and how people were talking about …selling things and it was

It’s All Just In My Mind…

I’m up early today about 5:30 AM.

My mind was pretty clear and I was just thinking about dreams. I was thinking at how I have these deep conversations, arguments, and mindless banter with people that I know and some I don’t ( well at least in this waking life ) . In the dream everything makes sense. But I was just thinking, as I sat in bed… all this comes from my mind. Every character, every discussion, every disagreement, every antagonist is generated by my mind.

That’s why I ask, why is this world any different?

I have always said that it is my theory that we , are all just one soul. Just because you don’t know what I’m doing now or where I’m going or I can’t control you from slapping the shit out me doesn’t mean that at some level, your mind and my mind are one.  (Even Jesus claimed that what people did to the least of people they were doing to him) We have these individual experiences and think that it is somehow different but just like every character in my dream is of different races, intellect, and class they are all ultimately dimensions of my own making. When we dream we are basically…talking to ourselves. (hmm so I guess a sex dream would be masturbation…hmm)

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not being presumptuous and claiming to be the dreamer of everything… I might very well be just a dream character in your dream.  But that’s not my point. All in all, people believe they have a separate soul. I think there is just one soul. We’re one with the best of people… we’re one with the worst of people. We all just battle it out for “soul” control. There are characters I dream about that are scary as hell, or disgusting but yet… I dreamt it.

The human mind is an ocean of mystery. I compare our oneness with many creatures who travel and move instinctively. I believe the human mind connects us all in the same way. 

What is this Reality?

I woke up in a fright. Thought I saw something but I was just in mid-dream. Somewhere between sleeping and awake. What is a dream? What is being awake? What is my brain? What is my mind? Are they one in the same?

Just because something seems real doesn’t mean it is. How convincing it can be. Is what I see being inputted in my mind or outputted? Is reality something that my mind is recording constantly into my brain as I live life daily or the opposite? Is my mind merely projecting reality onto a white screen of awareness….

My eyes are the lens and I am a camera. Life is a movie. But is the movie being created or merely viewed…am I the director, the movie critic, or the actor? Perhaps I’m all three.