Apparently theres a Google Outage?

So I start freaking out because my google music playlist is empty so I go to twitter and see if anyone else is affected. Seems like the talk is that not only is Google Music down but Google+, and Youtube is not loading so we have tons of people who are getting rolling outages online. Perhaps the Microsoft gods are punishing us for being dissidents. LOL… Okay, let’s wait and hope they fix this quick. 

This new Youtube Monitization SUCKS! #youtube #wevideo

For those that are just spectators on youtube you may not understand exactly what I’m speaking about but it still affects you slightly. I’m a small youtube partner, meaning, that when I make a video, advertisers can put post on my video and I can make a little change on that. Of course that means I must abide by all the Youtube copyright rules which is no problem. I have tried to be the good kid and not post music from artists on my channel or I turn the radio down when I’m recording… all to make sure Big Brother Youtube doesn’t get upset. I even upped the anty and starting using Wevideo cloud editting service which Youtube used to use as their own service to provide for users but later downgraded to a crappier lesser quality version of a video editor on their actual site. 

In January of this year, Youtube as been more aggressive in monitering all the videos that are monitized. No problem there. But now they are flagging my videos because they don’t know where I got the music. There’s no content ID on it…but they just don’t don’t know if I can use it. I show them the terms of service from Wevideo that anything I create I own but they still want me to get a personalized letter from none other than WEVIDEO that I can use content I create on the site commercially… really ? ! I’m actually starting to get views now and you want to pull these shenanigans?! If you ask me they are just looking for ways to NOT pay people. If Youtube originally had a partnership with Wevideo, shouldn’t they already know that I can use their templates and background music? Bigger youtube partners don’t have to go through this… only the little guys like me. *sigh

I keep emailing them this terms of service and yet they still want a letter from wevideoImage

All in all, I’m emailing back and forth so I can “play by the rules”, trying to contact Wevideo and see if they will humor me for Youtube.