Humans ARE a TYPE of Angel

Okay, go with me for a second. This is a theory of mine that I came up with while talking to one of my friends. But let’s back up for a second.

Some people lump all angels into one BIG ass classification.

But just like humans have different nationalities, races, social classes, and functions; ANGELS have distinctions amongst themselves.

[picapp src=”0172/eb0a2ee5-f006-4077-8f4a-a22ce547c3c4.jpg” width=”234″ height=”156″ /]
Could it be possible, that humans are simply a class of angel but a younger version? In a family, the younger child seems to be more spoiled, always forgiven, loves attention, and either very protected or very tortured by the elder siblings. [picapp src=”0158/1ab7d60b-879c-49b4-b482-78ce2d60793e.jpg” align=”left” width=”234″ height=”351″ /]The ELDEST siblings tend to have the most responsibility and the MIDDLE sibling tries to keep the peace.

for my skeptical christian friends: Psalm 8:5 and Psalm 82:6

…but as I was sayin’

Could it be that the spiritual influence we feel, the legends and myths we tell, and the power we express as humans simply a signal of our connection with much larger universal family?[picapp src=”0308/0000308584.jpg” width=”234″ height=”299″ /]

If this is true, then as the youngest sibling, HUMANITY is about to develop to it’s NEXT STAGE. HUMANITY is about to learn HOW TO TRULY BECOME DIVINE.

Montré: the writer

living life duh…sometimes ya don’t have time to blog. Besides I usually video blog and the computer is acting crrrrrrazy when it comes to uploads. But alas…I miss the therapy that blog provides (nothing like venting your business to strangers)
Plus I don’t think the guy in the grocery line cares too much.
But quick updates. Still looking for a job like the rest of America, but I have began to focus on writing. I have a personal goal get this third book editted SOON! I have had so many readers writing me about Heaven BOUND which only goes to tell me, it’s being sold somewhere.

TRUST ME ..I’m working as fast as I can!!!! Self publishing is a bitch.