The struggles of an Empath

There are empathy and empathetic people. Two different things. I’m an empath. I feel others feelings like they’re my own. Sometimes I don’t even know the difference. I will have these feelings and not even know why. It is usually because they are the feelings of someone around me.

As an empath, I enjoy my alone time so I can sort out my own thoughts and feelings. Sometimes you don’t realize you need it. You don’t realize you need time to think and not feel but it’s necessary. It’s like dusting your home. You don’t know where all that dust came from but somehow it just settles from outside and sticks to everything. This alone time allows you to move things around in mind, and clear the dust in your mind.

The gift/curse of the empath is to just know/feel when someone around you is off as well. When this happens, don’t react in a knee-“jerk” reaction. You rearrange your thoughts and see. You step away for a moment and see the bigger picture. Some people ask for help, and some people just deal with life’s problems on their own. We all have coping mechanisms.

It’s that Beautiful retrograde

As we prepare for the Mercury retrograde in Gemini, I take into account how this is all going to affect me. It’s all about the mind , and the mind is a big part of how we manifest things. At this time, I realized this wasn’t going to be a time for new ideas but rather old ideas that have been sitting on the back burner too long.

I was thinking of all the unfinished projects I let sit on my computer. The old painting I said I would finish, the routines I said I would implement into my life. It’s kind of funny that we start this retrograde season with the moon in Virgo too. Virgo is ruled by Mercury. Of course, this energy will move people differently but this is just where my thoughts went.

Personally, I’ve already been moved to restudy my decks. Go back over symbols and relearn them. I’m writing down and documenting my spiritual practices (like I used to) . My intention is to be better at what I already know how to do and actually finish these “old ideas” . Whatever you put your mind to focus on , I send you good energy. Asé

Powerful week Ahead

Hey guys, just thought I share my weekly tarot read here since some of my simulcasting isnt quite working. If you missed it, in a nutshell we have some good astrological vibes pushing us to not only take a chance but be successful. I woke us this morning feeling just ansty. It may be the moon in Gemini. I always say work with the energy to manifest what you want. The oracle card I pulled for everyone is about taking charge of your life. For most people, you need to start today building the life you want.

How to manifest this week

You will want to first write your goals down. Aries season is like a new year. So just like people write their new years resolution on January 1st, you want to do that this week. Do you want to work out more? Do you want to have a healthier relationship? Do you want better friends? All the energy of the universe is pushing you to start that . So dont worry about the past 3 months and any resolution you didn’t keep. Mundane timing was off anyways. Now is the time. Watch the video below to see the forecast for your sun, rising and moon sign.

The Pluto Return of the united States

Our country is going through many changes and its not done yet! Capricorn represents structure, business and organization. Pluto is the planet of death, rebirth, and change. Its about to be in the same place it was in 1776!!! America will never be the same after this. Find out what you need to know on a metaphysical level to ride this wave of change!

More Truth Bombs Are happening

I predicted that when we had the solar eclipse in Sagittarius, that we would have more world wide truth bombs. The video I am sharing is just one of many I think we’ll see before Jupiter (which rules Sagittarius) moves out of Aquarius (the social community). Sagittarius is big on beliefs so of course people will be polarized because of their belief but this energy is about harsh truths. We’ll see more and more people expressing themselves when before (in the past year) things have been censored or silenced. I was telling one follower of mine, now is the time to speak up if you’re going to. The timing is now. Watch the video below.

More information from Dr. Robert Malone another virologist.

More truth bombs about Pfizer <<<——-

Tarot Reading On Joe Biden’s Mandates

Today I will do a tarot reading on Joe Biden’s vaccine mandates which he says that all businesses with over 100 employees must comply with by January 5th. I couldve sworn that he said he wouldn’t do mandates on the vaccine before the election but as we know, once a liar always a liar.

Now granted as we have seen, vaccinated people can still get infected and can pass the virus to others so it makes no common sense as why it would mandatory in a place of work. If people who don’t take the vaccine have to be tested weekly then the vaccinated need to be as well. But that’s neither here or there because this government doesn’t use logic… they are looking on their ROI for their experimental shot.

Tarot reading on Joe Biden

Are We going to Have Alien Disclosure?

I’ve noticed in 2021 that media has been directing our collective consciousness in interesting ways. Mostly using fear to get everyone on the same wavelength.

Recently I’ve begun to see more and stories about UFOS. With everything moving so fast you might miss it. The news has spoken about the pentagon has admitted to this but if you had blinked you would probably have missed these recent news stories.

This is serious news. This makes our world seem much bigger that what we seem. People rather stick to their mundane lives than think we’re being watched by forces beyond our perception of reality. If aliens expose themselves, will they be friendly or will they make us their slaves? All types of movies have planted this seeds in the minds of men. I decided to do a tarot reading about it. Check it out

Daily Tarot Dec 24, 2019

It’s Christmas Eve and today is universal day 3. People are mentally alert and communicating and socializing. I had so many people messaging me this morning 😅. So you get messages or feel like socializing today with the 3 energy.

The six of wands joins the party. He’s fashionable late of course but everyone is glad to see him. People are catching up and know how successful he’s been all year. It’s a fun time.

Today is a social day so take some time to get out with some close friends and be merry. Celebrate your wins this year! Focus on your successes! Reward yourself!

Daily Tarot Dec 18

It’s a universal day 6 today with the star card popping up. It reminds me that things are getting better. In fact they will, because this card is a major arcana card. A 6 day energy flows love to those we care about the most. There’s a supportive energy there. We aren’t alone.

Don’t forget the sun is hitting galactic center. Things are happening fast. Manifestation is about to happen. Then the winter solstice. Funny I had a dream of the birthday song but it’s not my birthday. 🤔