Coming Soon This Year 2018

heavens power

New books and More

As many of you know, I have two more books, Heaven’s Power, and Heaven Sent: The Ring of Death. They are still available on Amazon but I will be re-editing these books and make them one book called “Heaven’s Ghost”. I realize they were horribly formatted and practically no editing. When I put them out I was practically homeless… so yeah, no money really. But I’m much older and have the resources to put a better product out so that’s what I’m doing.


My 5th novel will be out this year, Son’s of Heaven.  This will be a doozy so stay tuned. I’m doing some new things with the series and I think my readers will like it.  Granted, I’ve learned a lot and I’m different metaphysical aspects to the stories as well as incorporating things like the Anunnaki and eventually some Yoruba beliefs about the Orishas into the Heaven Sent Universe.  (Y’all woke yet ? haha) As the Heaven Sent universe grows I may even spin-off another series. I’m also brainstorming children’s books, graphic novels, and an LGBT-related story. Thanks to everyone who has been keeping up so far! Your encouragement keeps me writing.