Daily Tarot Dec 18

It’s a universal day 6 today with the star card popping up. It reminds me that things are getting better. In fact they will, because this card is a major arcana card. A 6 day energy flows love to those we care about the most. There’s a supportive energy there. We aren’t alone.

Don’t forget the sun is hitting galactic center. Things are happening fast. Manifestation is about to happen. Then the winter solstice. Funny I had a dream of the birthday song but it’s not my birthday. 🤔

How Personal and Universal Numerology Relate

In numerology, you can calculate the general universal number of the day, month, and year. But there is also your personal number. Your personal number can be way different that the general universal energy. The universal energy typically is the energy that is effecting everyone. But personally, you’re expressing things different. So what do you do when the universal energy says “work” but your personal energy is “rest” ?

Learning how to express Your personal numbers

The universe is always speaking to us and giving us instructions. As physicists say, the “language of the universe is math” . It’s not too much different in metaphysics. Numerology tells us a lot about the timing of the our lives. Life is just one big ol’ clock. For example we’re on a universal 3 year 2019 (2+0+1+9=12=broken down 1+2=3). That means, that in general everyone is big on communicating, the mind, and socializing. I’m born on March the 7th so … 3+7= 10 which equals 1. To get my personal year I add that 1 to the 3 to get 4. So my personal year is 4. What that means for me is that all year my mental energy, communicating, and socializing has been focused on my work life, stability, and security. If your personal year was 5(romance and sex) , for example, you may have been heavily dating in 2019 or meeting tons of new people. So while, everyone has the same general energy the focus is different.

You still choose your destiny

Numerology, however, can’t make you focus. It’s the universes way of showing you what your should focus on but you still have the choice to do other things. For instance, if you focus on dating and relationships and it’s not really that type of energy personally for you, you might not be so successful as the person with a personal 6(true love, routine) year. A person with a personal 6 year may be more apt to commit than, let’s say, a person experiencing a personal 9 year (closure, finishing). It’s just the energy. When you’re conscious of it, you can surf the ethereal wave better and not wipe out.

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November is a Universal Month 5

Ahhh sweet November! The seasons are changing and in numerology the five vibration should make things somewhat more carefree than last month’s 4 vibration. The universal month 5 will bring it’s creative energy. 5 means change as well, so many people will feel the need to change some aspect of their life. Romantic activities are also heightened during this month. For those with children, you may be more focused on them, besides Christmas is next month. TIme to see what those kiddies really want and start some early shopping. Be aware though, that mercury is still retrograde until mid-month. So I wouldn’t start buying any electronic items until near the end of the month. Have fun this month and take time to play. Let your inner child out! Enjoy the month!

The Numerology of August 2019

Hey guys! Timing is everything, and time wouldn’t be anything without numbers. But did you know that numbers have meaning? Numerology is the study of the hidden meaning of numbers and how they relate to our lives. When and when not to do things can have a big effect on your life. For this segment, we’ll discuss this month’s numerology and how it can help you. There are personal numbers (that deal with only your life).  Then there are universal numbers that deal with everyone!


We’ll deal with universal numbers first. Calculate 2019 by adding all the numbers into one number 2+0+1+9= (come on math students…. That’s right 12!) Now keep adding until you get a single-digit 1+2= 3. So 2019 is a universal 3 month. The number 3 means socializing and communicating. It’s a great year for everyone to express themselves and hang out. No wonder the presidential debates are this year. Everyone wants to “express their opinion”. 

speak up

To calculate August, you add that 3 to 8 (because August is the 8th month). 8+3=11 (now STOP, because 11 is a special number) 11 is a prime number so it has a powerful vibration. August is a universal 11 month and 11 means “create your reality”. Ever heard of the saying when you see 11:11 you should make a wish? Yeah, the same thing in numerology. 

August is going to be powerful month starting with a new moon in Leo and ending with another new moon in Virgo. New moons mean new beginnings. Best of all that pesky Mercury is finally direct. Mercury is the planet of communication so ideas will flow fast. Jupiter is the planet of luck. It is moving forward in Sagittarius (the sign of luck and optimism) in August as well.  Whatever you’re wishing for or trying to start, do it in August because the entire universe has your back. Good luck!

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Using Numerology to Create Your REALITY

Hey guys, so today I’m going to talk about numerology. I learned a lot this summer about it and while I can’t go over everything, It’s my hope to give you guys some tips to take just a little bit more control of your life. Some people think things are just randomly happening in their life because they have become blind to the timing of the universe.  Things like astrology and numerology help with timing and patterns if you don’t generalize them too much.

Everyone has a Destiny number. Every year has a Universal year and every person has a personal year, month , and day. Depending on what number is on that year, month, or day tells you when’s the best time to do a certain something. Think of it like … a farmer’s almanac. I person who tries to work work work 24-7 gets out of line with the energy of the universe, becomes a work-a-holic and puts a space between his family and friends. Another person who spends all day every day trying to chase sex, becomes irresponsible, doesn’t have real relationships and perhaps no stability. Even the person who focuses too much on family and friends can be used by that very family.

So in the video I posted above, I try to break down some basic math to figure out your personal year and what that year means. This year, 2016 is a 9 year… a year of endings. 2+0+1+6=9 . We ending one presidential term and next year (a 1 year.. will begin a new beginning for everyone as we welcome a new president) . 9 years are good years to wrap up unfinished business.

In order to find out your personal year and what you should focus on, add the day and month you are born, to the present year. Keep adding until you get a single digit number.  That number will tell you what you should be focusing on this year. Now if you take your personal year and add the present month (for instance October is a 10th month… 1+0=1) you get your personal month. Your personal month tells you what this month’s focus should be. Now, if you take that number and you add the day (come on, it’s just simple math) you get your personal day number. Get it? No? lol

It’s not hard. But if you’re really confused, contact me and I’ll help. To find out what each number means, watch the video.