Wow this Documentary blew my mind #nwo

This a real long one of course so I posted it here. Take it parts… take a break… and come back. It’s a lot of new world order compilations and how our country and our country leaders are involved. Lots of interviews that are hard to dispute including first hand accounts from guys in the military. Some of the stuff is heartbreaking. I’ve seen a lot of things online but yeah… all I can say is wow.

Where do you go from here?

Population Control?

With all the scares of Ebola something hasn’t been resonating as right. I know people are scared but its a fact that ebola has been around for years. Then pow …all of sudden it’s like everywhere. What bothers me is how people are responding. I read some comments on one site that suggested that people who have it should be shot for the survival of the rest. REALLY?! In less than a month, people have gone from treatment to executions? I can see how this can turn from bad to worse if someone is in control of the “panic button”. Which takes me to my next question. Who is in control of the panic button?

overpopwhat’s population control? It’s more than just reducing the population. It’s getting it to a point where whoever is in leadership can actually “control” the population. Granted, it’s far easier controlling the opinion of 10 people than it is 100. Logically it makes sense if you have a certain agenda. Is it moral? eh…

I always say, morality is based on survival, and if one groups survival is dependent of the destruction of another group then you  can see how this is easily justified in the minds of those in control of the “world game” .

I try to avoid fear-mongering and religious end world senarios, I believe it’s just the elite doing what they always do… treating people like cattle. It’s true that the world population is over 7 billion and growing and many people are in poverty so what’s the right thing? What’s humane? What is to be done when people are living longer and longer? What’s the best way to keep a secret? Put it in plain site.

The Obama Deception Commentary

So I’ve been really bothered lately about money…(I mean who isn’t) so alot of things have been on my mind about it. Here’s my video blog about that rant below.

Also…For you informational purposes. I will include this iiiiinteresting documentary. Watch at your own risk…for what you see may blow your mind.(its a playlist of videos) because the full length got deleted.

Here’s something else that I found interesting … the link to the site that he’s look at is here

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