Mars in libra

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I woke up this morning with my head everywhere. Like literally everywhere. I sat in bed and went through every single one of my “relationships” I’ve ever had since I was 13. I use the word relationships loosely. They weren’t all commitments. But they were all people that had some type of impact on how I view relationships today whether good or bad.

Mars the planet of power is moving into libra the sign of relationships and balance. I realized that at different times I was committed to different things. Sometimes that person, sometimes a personal goal. Sometimes that person was focused on certain things. As a man in his forties now, I saw how over-commitment is a thing and can cause burnout. Under commitment only causes frustration as you never really achieve anything. That’s where the Libra balance comes into play.

We have to put energy into others while not losing sight of our own goals. We also have to understand what other people’s goals are. Are they aligned? Are you two going in two different directions? This includes friendships as well. At different times our commitments may change. Sometimes we are committed to the connection, a job, status, or committed to finding our true selves. Either way you can not reach those goals without the involvement of others.

We are all like planets floating through space, influencing each other positively or negatively with our gravitational pull.

Love and Compromise, where is the balance?

“I want someone to share me.. with me  ” what do you think about this? There is some slight truth to what she says yet what happens when you have two people who are in love with themselves? Is that the compromise… I will love you will you love me? I will share my love for me with you? What happens when you get someone who doesn’t love themselves as much? So many questions.