Daily Tarot Jan 3, 2020

The 8 of cups on a universal day 8. Hmmm 🤔. The energy today is about making an informed decision to empower yourself.

The guy on the card has been been working hard on something that he is passionate about but is walking toward a new path. A new journey and project lies ahead that will strengthen him.

It’s also about going within to find your happiness and power. Nothing outside yourself will give you what you want. #tgif

Daily Tarot Jan 2, 2020

Well you made it through the holidays and there’s a mixed energy today. On one end you feel motivated to start a new adventure. On the other end it’s a universal day 7 which says rest and think.

The knight of wands has both passion, power , and control as he pulls his horse back some. You may need to do the same..

You have energy today but use your energy wisely. The week is almost over but the month and year …is just beginning.

Daily Tarot Jan 1, 2020

Happy new year! Lol, this card looks like a hangover or some regrets from last night. Also some just might be worried cause ….well the rent is due. It’s ok…what ever is stressing you out this morning will pass. It a universal day 6. Take care of your responsibilities and call you close family and friends and let them know you’re alive … Or just check on them. Have a great year 🎉❣️

Daily Tarot Dec 31, 2019 #nye

It’s NYE and the wounded warrior shows up. With his energy, you may be reviewing the past year and all the bullshit you encountered. You’re taking an honest assessment of what you’ve accomplished and the price you had to pay to get there.

Use the early part of the day to reflect and retreat. It’s a universal day 1 so you have this independent power to start something new but it’s also the power to…just be.

While this may be a very social evening, you may still desire your space. If you need it, tell people. If you want to do your own thing, do it. If you want to stay home, pop a bottle, and chill then there’s nothing wrong with that either. Happy New Year 🎉❣️.

Daily Tarot Dec 30, 2019

It’s a universal day 9 for Monday even though it’s the start of a new week, there’s a finalizing energy ruling the day. The best bet is to wrap up anything you haven’t completed before you move into the new year.

The Wheel of Fortune card is a strong energy that the actions today will benefit you. It’s not always in your control, but things are moving and changing. Trust that energy is directing you to a better place.

Daily Tarot December 29, 2019

Hmmm its the 8 of pentacles on a universal day 8. 8 is all about power and your ability to make things happen. Sideways it’s energy going in and out. What we do to others balancing and coming back to ourselves.

This guy on the card is using his time to perfect something he already knows. The more you do something , the better you get at it. The universal day 8 is about empowering yourself. You may have to deal with a financial issue today or hash out that business plan. Get a jumpstart before Monday.

Daily Tarot Dec 28, 2019

The nine of wands shows up when we’re almost through with a year…when we’re done with a week. This guy has been through it and he needs time to heal. Retreat is not a sign of weakness, it’s a sign of strength.

It’s a universal day 7 as well. Everyone needs time to think. The energy may be telling us to take a rest from the hoopla for a second to regroup. Others use the day to meditate or just plan. When you feel better you can make your move.

Daily Tarot Dec 27,2019

Hey now… How you doin? It’s Friday. And it’s a universal day 6. This energy is about… Wait for it… Love. But not just sex, I mean the real deal. The type of love where you see every shitty part of a person. The…”I’m going to help you home when you’re drunk” kinda love. It’s the love you have for friends, family members, and the one you have committed to.

Today you want to focus on those people. With the lovers card popping up this energy is even more reinforced. Tell someone how you really feel. I believe…. They need to hear it.

Daily Tarot Dec 26, 2019

Feeling love and giving love. Tis the season and queen of cups is ruling the day baby! We all feel a little bit more sensitive when she’s around. Maybe we should be nicer? What else can we give?

It’s a universal day 5 so the party hasn’t stopped. Everyone will still feel festive and want to go out I mean….

It’s only Thursday.

So the best bet for you today is, love someone. Some people will find a new love….whaaaat? Stranger things have happened.

Daily Tarot Dec 25 2019

Worried about the holiday? Merry Christmas. There’s a mixed energy today

It’s a universal day 4. Working , stability. Makes sense to be around family during this time. But you may be the one trying to make ” the perfect holiday” or

…you’re stressing about the holidays in general.

Why are you worried? Why are you stressed? If your mind is stirring and you can’t sleep remember there’s a lot of stuff going on in the cosmos. Not only is it Christmas but a new moon / solar eclipse.

So… Suck it up! Get your head together so you don’t create something you don’t want tomorrow. Focus on what’s right. Focus on what you want. Even if something bad happens it’s moving you toward your bigger goal. Release those worries to universe. Asé!